If nothing else, come for the food.

Tucked in the woods, a short walk from the cabins and Wolfwillow Lodge, is the lovely Goldfinch Dining Lodge. This historic log building, with its elegant stained glass windows, sets the scene for a most unique dining experience; old world elegance coupled with the serenity that only nature can provide, and sumptuous gourmet meals that tantalize the senses.

The Goldfinch Dining Lodge was built during the Second World War, by the Goldfinch Family from the Strachan area. They had built it to be a home for their son who had gone away to war but never returned. Many years later, Larry and Claire Kennedy moved the log structure to Terratima and transformed it into what it is today. Building onto the original structure and adding a modern commercial kitchen, while also adding Claire's flare and love of antiques, the outcome really is a thing of beauty.

Keeping with the spirit of Terratima, all of the meals served out of this lodge are rustic and earthy; elevated versions of home-cooked meals. With your health and well being in mind, we try to utilize as many natural, locally sourced, and wholesome ingredients as we can. Fresh handmade breads and pies, handmade pastas, and good old fashioned BBQ cooked low and slow over a fire the way it was meant to be done. Along with our commercial kitchen, we have two custom built smokers, and our onsite BBQ pittmaster adds his own deliciously unique flare to homestyle cooking.

Goldfinch Dining Lodge itself can hold up to 40 guests at one time, and with the additional space provided by our covered outdoor dining area and nearby Sees the Sun lodge, we can seat an additional 40 people in the colder months, up to 150 or more in the summer months.

Meals are available, by reservation only, during your stay at Terratima Lodge. Please inquire here about availability and pricing.

Our cooks are also available for catering at other locations. All of our custom BBQ's are portable and with our newly purchased portable food trailer, we are capable of providing delicious meals in even the most remote locations.