A wilderness resort for all seasons.

Terratima Lodge began as a dream in the 1970's. Larry and Claire Kennedy ran Terratima as a ranch on their homestead land up until 1974, when they decided that they needed a few people in their lives, so they opened up the ranch for the first year of cross country skiing in the winter of 1974/75. People came, and just kept on coming, so they moved in a few older buildings to accommodate them, ie the "Storm House" and "Kensholme", then "Keewaydin" and the "Gate Cabin". More and more people came, so they logged local pine from the ranch and nearby areas and started to build. First came "Sees the Sun", a mixture of old and new along with the "Goldfinch Dining Lodge", the A Frame Chalets, and finally the "Bath House" and the impressive "Wolfwillow Lodge".

After many successful years, Larry and Claire made the life changing decision to retire from their beloved Terratima, and so in 2007 they passed on their legacy to a new family, The Harts. Being from the Rocky area, the Hart family had an appreciation for what Terratima meant to their predecessors and what it brought to the community. And since acquiring the property and all that goes with it, have spent years building on what Larry and Claire had started; constantly upgrading and improving, while still trying to maintain the original concept set forth by the Kennedy family.

Our primary concerns are, and always have been for the Environment and for our guests. Terratima, translated, means "friend of the earth" and that is the foundation that the Kennedy's built on. It is also our driving force when it comes to maintaining its rustic charm. Rugged forest, marshy areas, creeks, and wildlife galore. Guests at Terratima Lodge experience a taste of the Wild, while still having some of the creature comforts of home. They can un-plug from the hectic world we live in and leave feeling completely relaxed and recharged. We strive to create an atmosphere where people gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the interdependency of all things in nature.

"Take a quiet walk with Mother Nature. It will nurture your mind, body, and soul" -Anthony Douglas Williams-